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Memo boards and signage

We manufacture a range of signage including:

Standard single (8 1/2 x 11), double (11" x 17") Memo boards with key locks. We can also provide a range of customer TSSA license holders.

MemoAndSignage1 MemoAndSignage2

Elevator fixtures

We supply and manufacture custom COP (Car Stations), Hall Stations, Position Indicators, Directional Lanterns and other fixtures. VDF employs a range of suppliers of high-quality controls and parts and can provide a tailored solution for your cab modification plans.

Fixture Directionalarrows Fixture Hallstation Fixtures COP3 Photo 6

Other Parts & Accessories

VDF is a long-time supplier of doors and frames (either re-skinned).

Photo 1 Parts Rope clamp Parts Insert Parts Brake sleeve Parts Brake rodd brass

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