Custom Cab Interiors

Over 25 years of experience

VDF has been installing new and refurbished elevator cab interiors for over 25 years and has significant experience with a wide range of elevator types and configurations.

No two elevator cabs are alike!

We've found that changes in materials technology allows our customers a wide range of options for designing and maintaining their interiors. Although we have standard elevator interior styles and packages, we know that every project possesses special considerations.

As a result we are focused on what we believe to be the ideal process is one that involves you, the customer! We have developed a rigourous four-state process:

  1. Needs and wants assessment
    Every building owner has a multitude of objectives and constraints. VDF will work with you to accurately identify what those are and how they relate to a new interior

  2. Design and approval
    VDF will then provide graphic (CAD design) drawings based on our discussions and provide sample materials for walls, floors and ceiling.

  3. Manufacture
    VDF manufactures the cab interiors in our facility in Toronto to our highest standards and ensures any required changes can be accomplished in short order.

  4. Installation
    Our experienced and TSSA licensed technicians will install your cab interior with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your tenants. We are in constant communication with you, your building staff and your elevator service company.

CustomCab1 CustomCab2 CustomCab3

Environmental Impacts

The operation of an elevator can be a large contributor to energy usage in your facility. A small change in the weight and energy usage characteristics of your cab can make a difference to energy bills and can contribute to green / LEED certification.

We actively utilize a range of energy-efficient materials and can work with the customer to include:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting solutions
  • Lightweight cab interior materials, reducing the energy requirements in the elevator system
  • Reused or recycled materials, where possible
  • Recyclable or reusable materials are maximized

Our 4 Step Process.

1-An in-depth assement of your needs and wants

2-Design and approval