What maintenance/installation work can be done by us, the customer to a cab interior?

Any work done to an elevator must be completed by a TSSA certified elevator mechanic.

VDF is licensed to install and maintain an elevator interior which includes ceiling, walls, floors and fixtures.

How much does a cab refurbishment cost?

Cab refurbishments are a reflection of the styles, tastes, needs and budgets of the building owners and so there is a very wide range.

What considerations are there when selecting various styles and layouts of cab interior?

Each cab reflects a range of considerations. Things to think about include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Specific use of elevator
  • How the style of cab reflects the rest of the building
  • What image are you trying to portray. The cab (although often overlooked), can have a huge impact on the quality of tenant you are trying to attract.
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Impact of weight vs. cost vs. energy usage.

How does weight impact my cab renovation?

Any time work is completed with respect to a cab interior, the change in weight must be reported to the TSSA. The equipment (machinery) and cab weights require an appropriate balance and any change in cab weight could have a detrimental effect on safety and stability of the box.

Any time you are considering modifying the interior of your cab, contact VDF or your service company in advance.

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